Who is sandy linter dating

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In the years following her parents’ divorce, Gia grew increasingly reckless and harder to handle as she entered her teens.Name a supermodel, Hollywood legend, rock star, head of state or world class photographer, and Sandy Linter has worked with them all.Then I'd hail another cab and go directly to Studio 54 alone. Of course, every time you pulled up to Studio 54 there was a moment of fear that you wouldn't get in. Who would you say are the iconic starlets of our day? In her all-too-short, but meteoric rise to fame, Gia Carangi led a life that encapsulated both the triumph and terror of success.It wasn’t like any model I’d worked with before.” Born on January 29, 1960 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Gia Marie Carangi was raised in a turbulent home.The only daughter of Joseph Carangi and Kathleen Adams, close friends of Gia trace her breakdown back to a perpetually unsettled childhood.As one of only two superstar makeup artists in the ’70s, the late Way Bandy being the other, Sandy Linter’s work has graced the covers and photo spreads of every top magazine in the world.Her talent, disarming beauty and candid honesty, skyrocketed her to the top of the beauty world where she remains, today.

“Gia and I used to sit at the top of the steps and hear [our parents] fight.” remembers her brother, Joe Carangi, “We hated it.” By the time she was eleven years old, her parents had split up, the separation creating a void that would trouble Gia throughout her life.“She was completely a free soul,” remembers Francesco Scavullo, one of Gia’s adoring photographers who worked with the model during her short career.“She had her own way of moving in front of the camera.To say Sandy Linter is a cult icon is an understatement. She was wearing a vintage, pale yellow, drop waist, chiffon dress; her hair backlit by the sun.