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She went off on tour, leaving her first husband, Keith Whitley, in a crisis state with his drinking. So, she actually either a.) killed her first one, or b.) helped him kill himself by leaving him alone with the booze for her stupid "career". You get yer dawg back, yer truck back, yer old lady back, and I suppose yer Mom back out from under that danged ol' train./Not YOUR Mom//Mr. Do you know whatcha get if you play a country sing backward?They got married on 8th of April and they also welcomed two children together. Soon after graduation from this high school, Troy Aikman was offered to join New York Mets as a baseball player but rather than joining them he joined University of Oklahoma and began playing football.He then joined UCLA in 1986 and during his junior year there he was honored with the Pac-10 Offensive Player of the Year.“As far as spirit and spunk and just get-up-and-go-for-it, Connie’s a younger person than I am,” he says, regarding the accusations.Lonestar’s lead singer Richie Mc Donald and wife Lorie Ellis know how hard it is to keep a long-distance relationship alive.

The thing that bummed me out about her is that once she started getting famous on her own, she did what a lot of women entertainers do once they get a couple hits... She broke a bottle of Jack Daniels across a ten year old girl's face and threw a little handful of twenties to her mom by way of apology.

Thoughts of Faith Hill and Tim Mc Graw come to mind, not to mention the 35-year marriage of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash. Their stories seem to be those of Cinderella, with beautiful meetings, exotic proposals and happily-ever-afters.

Though this may be true for some, not all start out as picture perfect as you may think.

“Well, go get that rock that your birth certificate’s carved on and let’s get this over with,” was how Marty Stuart proposed to Connie Smith.

They say one key ingredient to their successful relationship is laughter, which is very apparent after watching them together.Frowzappaisfrank: Just another victim of a trainwreck of emotion. I'll never understand why Keith Whitley preferred getting drunk to banging her. It got a number of different reactions, some people understood it, others...well, you get the idea.She probably exceeded the Crazy to Hot ratio by leaps and bounds. The entire interview is available on line and is well worth reading. On a conference table is the most valuable player award he received after the 1993 Super Bowl.