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He looked, at that moment, like a dog, happy that he had just gotten into the garbage can but at the same time afraid of the beating that would be the inevitable reward. He was a rock 'n' roll star when he first took the stage at a drunken birthday party convened in a church in Athens, Georgia, as the lead singer for a band calling itself the Twisted Kites; he was a rock 'n' roll star when the band changed its name to R. The fact is, people wanted to get inside John Malkovich's head because it's better in there, and they left feeling as though the lives they'd been leading--their real lives--were somehow inauthentic. As though aware that his celebrity would ultimately supplant his music, he had set himself in the permanent company of the famous, and now, even as he set about publicizing R. M.'s newest record, Reveal, there was a generic feel to his quotes and gestures--as though everything he did or said had been selected from previously published celebrity profiles . People come up to me all the time and say, 'Oh, I loved you in Dangerous Liaisons.' And then when I met John, he said the same thing happens to him: 'Oh, "Losing My Religion" is my favorite song! I tell people, 'He's taller, I'm better looking.' But it happens a lot.The busboy came around and gestured toward the empty sugar pot, and now Stipe realized that he was clutching it with both hands. The movie, of course, completed Michael Stipe's transformation. Especially in France."They love us in France," Michael Stipe says. He also knows Bob Dylan, Courtney Love, Tori Amos, Lukas Haas, Natalie Merchant, Stephen Dorff, and Cameron Diaz, but Madonna seems to provide him an odd and ambiguous touchstone.They probably held lots of my world views in great disregard, and I had to look out on that and think, well, what do I do with this?There was a time that gay celebrities had to hide in the closet in order to remain in demand.There are also those in the list, who are happy to be in the relationship just with regular people.Miles Mc Millan (boyfriend of Zachary Quinto) Attention is nothing new for the 24-year-old Miles Mc Millan as he is one of the 50 best models according to When River was 3, his family joined the religious group Children of God and became missionaries in Venezuela.

A., declined the waitress's offer of eggs and coffee, and then unscrewed the top of the sugar jar and eaten heartily, first with a spoon and then, as the jar emptied, simply by tipping it into his mouth. singer Michael Stipe is setting the record straight about his purely platonic relationship with Nirvana's Kurt Cobain. frontman's relationship with Kurt was more than an innocent friendship.But why has Michael taken so long to deny the rumors?Originally published in the June 2001 issue MICHAEL STIPE LICKED THE LAST of the sugar from the metal dispenser at the top of the jar before handing the jar to the busboy.