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10-Jul-2020 21:13

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While Most Eligible never got picked up for a second season, it seems that Bravo hasn’t had enough of Courtney just …

Lindsay Lohan, who has been living in Manhattan since successfully completing court-ordered rehab this summer, reportedly has begun dating former college football player and reality-show star Matt Nordgren.

He is either really lazy or only pretending to be interested. Courtney goes up to her apartment, throws herself on her bed, and sobs some more. Such is the power of the slow-footed Matt Nordgren. Nemiroff and Wilson are idiots, which is what I will report in .

Courtney takes her cellphone into the living room, swoons onto the couch, and talks to Matt Nordgren on speaker, thankfully, so that we can hear. Courtney’s eye makeup vanishes at some point during this conversation, in the space of an edit. But then the Bravo cameras show the screen of Courtney’s i Phone. The next morning, Courtney declares that she is emotionally exhausted. As I will also report in my paper, time travel comes at a price. Courtney says, “I’ve officially cut Matt Nordgren out of my life.” I shout at my TV, “The Bravo producers and I will both take that bet! But if I Matt Nordgren, and if I possessed a vagina, I wouldn’t bother with taking Courtney to dinner and trying to convince her that we never dated in an effort to get her to date me (?

When new mother Neill returns to Dallas, it intrigues Matt when he thinks about the possibilities with his old fling.Following Lohan's posting of an Instagram photo of herself with Nordgren, model Lana Zakocela and property developer Justin Etzin a week ago, People magazine said Lohan and longtime friend Nordgren had progressed to a romantic relationship.Us Weekly also reported the news, confirming that the two are dating.NFL punter Glenn recently ended a long-distance relationship and is on the hunt for a new love, but his ``two-date maximum'' keeps anyone from getting too close to him.