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The Spirit of '76 is a well-known painting done by the basically unknown Archibald Willard in 1876.

This painting, for those who are less familiar, is of three Revolutionary War soldiers walking down a road playing a drum, and a fife. The museum boasts over 4,000 artifacts dating to the time (1876) of Willard, none of which are things that were actually his.

Aaron Hines of WMAN Radio (1400AM) sits down with Richland Source reporter Tracy Geibel to discuss the medical marijuana plant proposal in Ontario, and Monday's Memorial Day festivities in Mansfield.

Fred Willard might be an alleged public masturbator ... Prosecutors have decided they'd rather send him to crime education classes instead.

It was a blessing to be only be concerned with the contents."In addition to the New Store, our team consists of foster parents, family, friends, members of Crossroads Community Church, Mansfield City School teachers, Faith United Methodist Women, Reaching Out, Kroger on Lexington Avenue, Drs.

Heringhaus Dentistry, and complete strangers all coming together to shine a light of love for a bright future for children with dark pasts," Mack said.

We can't wait to see you & we look forward to you coming to visit.

Ohio Valley Teen Challenge's mission is to introduce people in addiction to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through discipleship.

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All the studies focus on personal application today, helping new Christians discover practical ways of using these Biblical principles in their daily living."So this has become our rhythm of life, saying 'yes' to just about every placement that came our way, and even seeking out placements that didn't initially come our way.""Many people spoke up about wanting to help and be a part of the project.I did not solicit for the project, but still it caught on like wildfire! "Many people care about children, but not everyone is meant to be a foster parent.Archibald Willard was a wagon painter in Wellington, OH and happened to see three guys walking down the road warming up their instruments. They also have a bi-centennial collection of "Spirit of '76" paraphernalia.