Error validating saml message

15-Apr-2020 12:47

RSAPublic Key Impl' Signature validated with key from supplied credential Signature validation using candidate credential was successful Successfully verified signature using Key Info-derived credential Attempting to establish trust of Key Info-derived credential Failed to validate untrusted credential against trusted key Failed to establish trust of Key Info-derived credential Failed to verify signature and/or establish trust using any Key Info-derived credentials Attempting to verify signature using trusted credentials Attempting to validate signature using key from supplied credential Creating XMLSignature object Validating signature with signature algorithm URI: Validation credential key algorithm 'RSA', key instance class 'sun.RSAPublic Key Impl' Signature did not validate against the credential's key Signature validation using candidate validation credential failed org.validation.This article describes how to configure your organization's security management components to enable single sign-on to Zuora.It also includes error messages and troubleshooting tips to help you and your users avoid common roadblocks.It worked with the following IDP's till now: 1) idp.2) openidp.Now I'm testing with as my Identity Provider.

When troubleshooting SAML configuration/log-in issues, be sure to enable DEBUG mode for the SAML module.

In your identity provider, you must configure the following settings to work with Zuora SSO: The following certificates are required for configuration and operation of Zuora SSO: Identity provider’s SAML certificate This certificate is used to sign validation requests sent from Zuora to an identity provider. We strongly recommend that this certificate is long-lived and self-signed.

Zuora service provider's SAML certificate The private key of this certificate is used to validate the identity provider response signatures.

I am new to ADFS, I m in a position to hit ADFS login screen where i m providing myself and all my colleagues credentials and it is validating perfect.

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After validation it is redirecting to spring-saml application with error "Response doesn't have any valid assertion which would pass subject validation".

Abstract Authentication Processing Filter(Abstract Authentication Processing at org.springframework.