Dating necklace clasp

04-Aug-2020 11:44

This is especially true for the novice collector or dealer that has not studied this type of jewelry extensively.

Pieces from other decades are frequently mistaken as 1920s era because very similar marks – especially the version in This is where it actually gets a bit easier because the styles from the 1920s and ‘30s are oftentimes distinctly different than the pieces Napier made later on, even when using components like metal filigree.

Ornate filigree "pearl" clasps enclosing fish hooks. To me, jewels this old are absolutely magical, layered with mysteries and meanings from the countless people they've adorned.

Holding them, you hold the history of humanity made solid.

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The hook end is slim and may have some scalloped notches in it that give it the appearance of an antique key. It is designed to slide inside and hook, or lock, around a decorative encasing on the other side of the jewelry piece.Many jewelry styles do tend to overlap so always check the entire piece for clues.One of the most obvious date and value tips is antique jewelry marks. Surprisingly enough, a lot of antique jewelry was marked in the most unusual of places so check along the edges, inside of the bale, the pin stem and even on the back of the pin stem!(While doing your close inspection, make note of any patent numbers, of course.) If you're satisfied that present findings began life with the jewel, you can narrow dating probabilities using the chart below. Heavier chains with larger links (especially if early, because hand-made before 1850s). Fasteners break, fashions change and different owners have pierced ears or not.