Dating good or bad

17-Jun-2020 15:05

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So when they tried to be “perfect girlfriends” with the perfect, sweet responses to the support they were receiving, the ladies ended up feelings more stressed out than they were to begin with!And here is when the study gets even MORE interesting: When the women responded “negatively” to the support they were receiving, their cortisol levels went down, meaning they became less stressed out.“What we found, interestingly enough, was that cortisol was really only affected in wives but not in husbands, and only in wives’ discussions,” Hayley Fivecoat, a former student at Binghamton University who used the study results for her dissertation, told Science Daily.Also, when you date somebody at work, they “get” you and the pressures of your job.Dorothy Tannahill Moran puts it this way: “There are groups like law enforcement and the investigative agencies that have had great success actually relationships because the demands and pressures being put on them are often unique to their professions.Online dating has been a massive game changer in the way people interact socially with the hope of meeting new people for friendships, casual flings and potentially much more. The once stigmatised industry now has a multi-billion dollar market and shows no signs of slowing down.We’ve read some good reports about dating apps, and some not so good! Online dating sites and mobile apps are used by millions of users world wide; as the number of smartphone purchases increase, so does the number of downloaded dating apps.In my personal experience of online dating, most people are either looking for sex quickly, or they’re looking to build a strong emotional connection fast. I like the uncertainty and the flirtation and the social aspect of dating. As I’ve learned, if you don’t know what you’re looking for, it doesn’t matter how many matches you acquire, or how many dates you go on, or even whether the people you go out with share your exact beliefs.

But have I really allowed God to work through the Internet in my life?

It comes with a built-in friendship and they often finish each other’s sentences.